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Jack Cuneo doesn’t technically remember his first time seeing “Star Wars.”

“My earliest memories of ‘Star Wars’ are actually from an audio cassette of ‘Episode IV: A New Hope,’” recalls Cuneo. “George Lucas donated the rights to NPR and they adapted the script for the radio. I played that cassette over and over every night as I fell asleep.”

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By George Peele

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Cuneo is the chief marketing officer—not to mention a yogi trainer—at Denver’s Kindness Yoga. In August, Cuneo taught a “Star Wars”-inspired workshop called Use the Props, Luke. The second installment touches down February 20 at Playoga in Colorado Springs. “Use the Props, Luke came about as I was exploring what mastery of yoga postures meant to me. I believe mastering postures is about developing an empowered relationship with them—one where you feel free to be curious and creative and honest.”

Cuneo clarifies: “It’s not merely about developing the strength and flexibility to push closer to some idealized form or shape. For me, the journey to mastery is about starting from a state where you only see one or two possibilities, and reaching a state where you see a whole galaxy.”


The X-Wing of yoga poses (image: Kimberly Benfield)

That’s when George Lucas’ infamous galaxy far, far away entered the picture. “Obi-Wan occupied the role of the wise old master. Some of his choices were inexplicable to other characters,” explains Cuneo. “Han Solo was bewildered by Kenobi’s disinterest in money. Luke was dismayed when his mentor allowed Darth Vader to cut him down without a fight. Obi-Wan was sometimes inexplicable because he saw more possibilities than anyone else. That was related to his mastery.”

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