Over the past twenty two years, Green Apple founder and veteran athletic designer Cristofer Smith has pioneered several brands (Urban flex, Urban sport, Golf Sport, Kinesis, Avia, Biza & Green Apple) with wild success.

In 2004, Cristofer turned his attention to the GREEN movement and founded a new company called Green Apple. The company was pioneered with the vision to innovate and create new organic products for the active lifestyle arena.

Why we love Green Apple:

Great quality, great fit and did we mention that it is all organic!

As part of a process of streamlining the brands we carry at DownDog Boutique we are no longer carrying Green Apple Activewear as a stock item.

DownDog Boutique has now partnered with Amazon to offer you the whole Green Apple Activewear line.

Orders place through Amazon are separate and do not qualify for DDB Reward Points.

Check out the selection of Green Apple Activewear below, to see the full offering click the go button in the search bar:

Before you click, check the fit:

Green Apple Organic Yoga Clothing