More Men are taking up yoga in the United States and around the world than at any other time. Most yoga classes are dominated by Women sporting ever more wonderful spandex creations but up until now the choices have been limited for the male yogi…

Roughly 20 Million people practice yoga in the United States on a regular basis. Men make up about 20% of that number but as I said that is growing.

Yoga and activewear companies are gradually taking notice and more upscale options are steadily becoming available for the man on the mat beyond that old baggy t-shirt and sweatpants.

In fact I would go as far as to say (I think I did say in fact) if Captain America showed up at a yoga class I think he would love to be squeezing his asana in to a pair of these leggings by

Sadhana Mens Yoga Clothing:

American Flag Leggings Front    American Flag Leggings Back


There is a lot to be said for a man feeling supported during a yoga class and I am not talking about a wife or girlfriend cheering him on from the other mat. Men are just built differently (just watch them grunt and grimace when getting in to half Pigeon or one of those leg wrapping poses) These leggings will give you all the support you need.

Not for everybody these leggings are a one size fits most as long as you are between a 30″ and 36″ waist. If you are larger than that I think these may offer just a bit too much support and I suggest you check out some of other more relaxed choices here: Mens Yoga Clothing

Made from a high quality moisture wicking material these leggings are great for Hot Yoga and other sweaty pursuits like cycling too. Available in a range of colors and camo options that Captain America’s army buddies would love check them out at Sadhana Mens Leggings

Black camo Mens legging front   Army green and orange Mens legging Front   Camo Canyon Mens legging Front   Green camo Mens legging front   Offshore Mens legging front

Sadhana Yoga Clothing offer beautiful and colorful choices for Women and Kids they even have a really cute line of Mommy and Me matching leggings .

Black Sugar Skulls front    B and P Waves kids


See a full range of Yoga Clothing, Jewelry, Home & Gifts, Mats & More at



If Captain America Takes up Yoga These will be his Yoga Pants…

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