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When attending a yoga class, it’s important to follow certain rules of etiquette in order to make it a more enjoyable experience for you and your fellow yogis. Oskar Nery and Alison Hawkins are instructors with Yoga Phnom Penh, each with over 25 years of yoga experience. They spoke with Youth Today about what a yogi should or should not do when a yoga class is in session.

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By Muny Sithyna

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1. Inform the yoga instructor about any injuries or pregnancy: 

Mr. Nery advised yoga students to inform their instructor before class whether they’re new to yoga, or if they have any recent injuries. Though yoga instructors are not trained as doctors, informing them in advance will help them to know your conditions and limitations of what you can and cannot do during yoga exercises. It’s also important for pregnant women to inform instructors about their pregnancy, though it is perfectly healthy to practice yoga throughout pregnancy with an experienced yoga instructor.

 2. Do not come to class with a full stomach: 

For any exercise program it is wise to eat a small amount of food an hour before class to keep energy levels stable. Exercising on a full stomach is very uncomfortable and not enjoyable.

 3. Turn off your phone during yoga class: 

Yoga practice is for you, and about concentrating on yourself. If you are expecting a call, let the person know you will not be available for the duration of the class.  If you are distracted by those phone calls, you will not be able to concentrate. AND you will disturb everybody else in class. It is also very rude to the teacher and other students to be disturbing class.

 4. Wear comfortable exercise clothes:  

Wear loose, comfortable outfits that allow you to move around well and keep all private areas covered. No jeans, no super  short shorts. Bare feet so that your feet benefit from the movements.

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