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This make believe series of conversations with a cross between Santa and the Dalai lama had me ho ho ho’ing…

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Derek, age seven

“Wow, it’s really you, Santa! I didn’t think you were real!”
“Marvellous. That observation comes from a deep place of innate wisdom, Derek. After all, each of us is merely an ephemeral apparition projected by the ego.”

“Haha … um … aren’t you going to ask me if I’ve been good?”

“Well, sure. It’s of course entirely subjective, but I’m curious to hear your interpretation of the word.”

“Uh … you mean, what does ‘good’ mean?”


“Uh … not bad?”

“Precisely, Derek. Precisely. Absurd, isn’t it?”


Wayne, age four


“Why are you crying, precious one?”


“Ah, I see. Well, did you know that you have already received a gift today, Wayne?”

(Sniffling.) “Whaddya mean?”

“Well, when we experience dukkha, or suffering, we’re given a chance to more deeply understand the temporary nature of all things. Just as suffering must end, so will pleasure. Your pain is a doorway to enlightenment. I lovingly encourage you to see what lies beyond it.”

“But I wanna Nerf gun.”

“Happiness and sorrow replace one another, cyclically. The wheel turns. All is fleeting. Om shanti shanti.”

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