Hunting for a unique gift is never easy so hunting for a unique yoga gift is even harder!

DownDog Boutique has partnered with Amazon to bring you a selection of the best & most fun Yoga Gifts around this year.

As a small boutique business it is simply not possible for us to stock everything an aspiring yogi might be looking for but we can at least take some of the legwork (or fingerwork) out of the search. Often people don’t get past page 1 on amazon so we have researched suitable gifts on your behalf.

Purchases made on Amazon earn us a small commission and do not qualify for DDB Reward Points.

Prices shown and availability might change on Amazon over the Holidays but were accurate at the time of selections at Thanksgiving:

Yoga Calendars       Yoga Mugs

.                   Yoga Calendars                                                         Yoga Mugs

Yoga Books                 All Yoga DVD

.                      Yoga Books                                                      Yoga DVD’s

Set of 3 Wine & Yoga Prints           Namaste Wall Decal

.                   Yoga Art                                              Yoga Wall Decals & Stickers

Buddha Statue     Buddha Statues

.                     Garden Statues                                                 Buddha Statues

Yoga iPhone Cases  Yoga Galaxy Phone Case

.                     Yoga iPhone Cases                                      Yoga Galaxy Phone Cases

Meditation Gifts     Massage Kit

.               Meditation Themed Gifts                                              Massage Gifts

Yoga Pose Figurines             Yoga Joes Green Army Toys

Yoga Pose Figurines On Sale at $12.99                    Yoga Joes Green Army Toys $28.00

Yoga Themed Oil Warmer

Yoga Themed Oil Warmer $13.73

Yoga Frog Door Stop           Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Yoga Frog Door Stop $13.98                                         Tibetan Singing Bowl Set $35.97

Yoga Fridge Magnet Poetry Kit          Yoga Pose Book Ends

Yoga Fridge Magnet Poetry Kit $12.95                      Yoga Pose Book Ends $14.99

Miniature Fairy Garden Yoga Frogs                      7 Chakras Soap Set

Set of 3 Miniature Fairy Garden Yoga Frogs $11.95            7 Chakras Soap Set $15.99

Yoga Poses Magnets      Recycled Glass OM Suncatcher

Yoga Poses Magnets $16.00                          Recycled Glass OM Suncatcher $16.95

Yoga and Wine Coaster     Chakra Magnetic Bookmarks Set

Yoga & Wine Coaster $8.00                                  Chakra Magnetic Bookmarks Set $8.99

Sivan Yoga Gift Set     Woven Yoga Mat Duffel

Sivan Yoga Gift Set $39.99                                 Woven Yoga Mat Duffel Bag $29.99

Lavender Eye Pillow     Aromatherapy Necklace Gift Set

Lavender Eye Pillow $15.99                                 Aromatherapy Necklace Gift Set $24.79

Kids Yoga Yogi Card Kit          Yoga Oil Warmer Namaste

Yogi Fun Kids Yoga Card Kit $19.99                  Namaste Oil Warmer $15.28

Yoga Tapestry Wall Hanging                     Yoga Gift Set

Yoga Tapestry Wall Hanging $24.95                  Yoga & Green Tea Gift Set $88.79

Yoga Fridge Magnet Set   Chime Set

Yoga Fridge Magnet Set $11.95                           Woodstock Chime Set $19.68

Wall Hanging Scroll                             Yoga Dog Scuplture

Wall Hanging Scroll $23.99                                  Yoga Dog Resin Sculpture $14.94

Yoga Mat Bag Organizer                  Yoga Seated Figure Resin Statue

Yoga Mat Bag Organizer $27.84                    Yoga Seated Figure Resin Statue $9.00

Yoga Smarts Game     Yoga Cookie Cutters

Yoga Smarts Game $8.99                                      Yoga Cookie Cutters $18.99


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