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About Conscious Colors

Color AromasTM Chakra Oils and Aura Misters by Conscious Colors are an innovation in energy balancing, combining Color Therapy & Aromatherapy.

Color AromasTM were created by a yogi for yogis for Chakra Balancing and Aura Polishing.

After 11 years in business, Color AromasTM are still hand-crafted by a conscious team of yogis. All Conscious Colors products utilize only pure grade, high quality essential oils and are packaged in beautiful royal blue glass bottles.


Color is all around infusing you with energy and vitality, whether you are aware of it or not!

In fact, the sunlight you live under is shining upon you specific frequencies of energy that you know simply as color.  You need these frequencies vibrating within you and around you to be in a state of optimal health.  These color energies start with the visible light spectrum of the rainbow rays and expand into many variations of color.

As a hue-man being, sunlight is actually your primary energy source, providing you with easy access to the light energies that reflect back to you optimal health: the colors pink, red, orange, gold, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet and white. The colors offer keys to your balance on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  




The word "chakra" is Sanskrit for "wheel," meaning spinning wheel of energy.  This awareness comes from the philosophy of yoga, which teaches that the body, mind and emotions are all connected. Tuning into your Chakras offers you a metaphysical self-balancing tool. Your chakras give insights into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony, as they uniquely govern your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy (health). 

The Chakras represent energy "vortexes" within you that help heighten the flow of prana (vital life force energy) throughout your being and bring energy out into your Aura (etheric or electromagnetic field).  

Every organ and gland, as well as your central nervous system, receives a necessary flow of energy from these energy sources. When your Chakras are clear, unblocked and enlivened, you experience vibrant health on all levels.

You have 7 major Chakras in your being and 7 minor Chakras. Each Chakra has a vibrational "co-partner," a magnetizing force of energy in the environment that mirrors the Chakra in balance.  These "co-partners" are the vibrations of color energy, sound & scent. Thus each Chakra has a color energy, as well as a sound vibration and aromatic essence that mirrors it's optimal health.  The Yoga Sutras teaach that meditating on the Sun is a doorway to the Universe.  Meditating on the energy rays of the Sun brings the Chakras into alignment. Conscious Colors Founder Constance Hart found a way to help you bring the vibrations of sunlight into your energy system (the Chakras & your Aura) with the Color Aromas Chakra Oils & Aura Misters!



*Color Aromas™: pure essential oils- nothing synthetic: all blends are in a base of grapeseed oil for rapid absorption. Patent pending, all rights reserved, proprietary concept. Constance Hart, Conscious Colors © 2019 - All Rights Reserved
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