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Brand Ambassadors

DownDog Boutique is delighted to have appointed Jenice Gaddis and Kristen Berkery as brand ambassadors.  They will be reviewing DownDog Boutique products, blogging and contributing to all our social media platforms.

Like us, they enjoy living the Yoga lifestyle!  

Take a moment to read about them.


Jenice Gaddis


"I was never so aware of my strengths, or my weaknesses, before yoga.  Yoga is where I've found myself."   

Jenice has been a student of yoga for over 10 years and seven years ago, her love for the practice naturally transitioned her into teaching.  Captivated by its fluidity and strength, Jenice was drawn to teach the style of yoga she calls home, Vinyasa Flow.  As an intermediate and Power Vinyasa teacher, she stresses the importance of postural alignment and breath.  Jenice currently teaches in Elk Grove, CA.


In addition to teaching yoga, Jenice also owns a successfull Psychic Medium practice in Sacramento, CA area.


Her blog can be found online at:     

Below are a few shots of Jenice doing some of her favorite poses.


Kristin Berkery



In 2001 I was in search of something to help me manage my stress level from working in the fast-paced world of technology. A new Bikram (hot) yoga studio opened in town and had an offer I couldn't resist, so I started doing yoga twice a week. I was in the best shape of my life! Bikram also taught me patience, compassion for myself, and the importance of alignment. I wanted to branch out and try other forms of yoga though.


A few years later I found a great yoga teacher who practices vinyasa flow and adds her own fitness touch to it. I've been a dedicated student of hers since then and she coached me through yoga during seven months of my second pregnancy.


I practice yoga once or twice a week as my schedule allows. Because of my busy life as a roamschooling mom who also works as a writer, marketing designer, and Internet consultant, I rely on yoga to help me relax, refocus, become more aware of my body, and stay in shape.


Follow my adventures here on Downdog Boutique, Twitter ( ), Google+ ( ), or on my site at

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