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DownDog Boutique was founded in 2012 in Sacramento California by a group of Yoga lovers who wanted to create a Yoga lifestyle business.

We all love our Yoga practice and will spend as much time at it as possible. We figured that when we really needed to spend time away from the mat then what better business to be in than seeking out and providing a showcase for great Yoga products. Heck it was a great excuse to try them all out!

There seemed to be a lot of small boutique Yoga manufacturers around who made great and unique Yoga Clothing or Yoga products but struggled with the whole sales and marketing aspect of their business. Keeping up a website, filling orders, giving great customer service all takes time.

We looked around the room and realized that we had more years of sales & marketing experience between us than we were willing to own up to in public. We talked to a few manufacturers and DownDog Boutique was born.

For all your yoga needs look no further than

Don’t forget to sign up for our great rewards program. You get a point for every dollar you spend on our site and you can trade those in any term you purchase to get free yoga stuff. See more details and how to sign up here: Rewards Program

We are definitely not a corporation, when you call us at 1-888-841-4262 (And we are always happy to hear from you whether it is praise or suggestions on how to do things better) then you talk to one of us in our home office overlooking our back yard in Sacramento. We do not have a call center in Kuala Lumpa. If we don’t answer the phone it is probably because we have gone off to Yoga practice so leave a message and we will call you back. We always do. E mail is great too of course and we even pick that up on our phones when we are out of the office so feel free to e mail us at

Because we didn’t want this business to feel like work we started a Yoga themed Facebook page and then moved on to Pinterest & Twitter and now this beautiful blog DownDog Diary in 2015

In three short years we have connected with over 40,000 other Yoga lovers on our Social media pages. If you haven’t joined the conversation yet then what are you waiting for?​

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Here are a few of the team having some Yoga fun with DownDogs 🙂
DownDogs in DownDog

One thought on “About DownDog Boutique

  • July 7, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Hi there,
    I love your website!
    I have wonderful handmade yoga necklaces/pendants that I think belong on your site.
    Whom should I contact regarding this?
    Thank you!


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