Whether creating a yoga or meditation space at home or decorating a yoga studio Buddha Statues  will bring the right amount of Zen to the ambiance.

DownDog Boutique has partnered with Amazon to bring you a selection of our favorite Buddha Statues.

As a small boutique business it is simply not possible for us to stock everything an aspiring yogi might be looking for but we can at least take some of the legwork (or fingerwork) out of the search. Often people don’t get past page 1 on amazon so we have researched suitable statuary on your behalf.

Purchases made on Amazon earn us a small commission and do not qualify for DDB Reward Points.

Check out these selected Buddha Statues, click the go button in the search bar below each selection to see more:

Buddha Statues        Buddha Statue

Buddha Statues for Home & Yoga Studio Decor