Meditation has a long history among the many religions that populate our shared planet. In English Meditation is derived from the Latin “Meditari” which means
“to ponder or to think”. The Tibetan word for Meditation is “Gom” which means “to become familiar with”.

In Western Yoga Asana is a posture and when combined with breathing brings about a form of meditation. Thus Yoga & Meditation are inextricably linked, although many people in western yoga are practicing mainly for the exercise almost all will tell you of the profound affect it has on their mind and sense of well being. The is essentially meditation at work, whether they recognize the fact or not. There are a multitude of meditation products available to help begin a home meditation practice. They make wonderful gifts and can often spark friends and loved ones to try something new and adventurous.

DownDog Boutique has partnered with Amazon to bring you a selection of the best Meditation products & gifts.

As a small boutique business it is simply not possible for us to stock everything an aspiring yogi might be looking for but we can at least take some of the legwork (or fingerwork) out of the search. Often people don’t get past page 1 on amazon so we have researched suitable products on your behalf.

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Meditation Gifts