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Clearly most topics appeal equally to men & women in the world of yoga & meditation but there are some stories and features around targeted directly at men so we will do our best to collect those here:

Yoga for Men

The current top Yoga for men story is:

5 Reasons Why Men Should Practice Yoga

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Written by Walter Michka.  He shares the importance of men practicing yoga, from a man’s perspective.

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By Yoga Mom

I’m a guy. I’m also a guy who attends yoga classes twice a week. Although I’m seeing more and more men lining up their mats, we’re still pretty much the minority.

I’ve never been the athletic type; I didn’t go out for sports in school. I only started exercising for real in 2001. I went to my first yoga class in ‘05, a year or so before my near heart attack. When I tell people I do yoga, they always give me a strange look, like: wait… A guy… doing yoga?

It’s not expert-Zen-master-hot-yoga, that I do. Just plain ol’ regular room temperature yoga at the local rec center in the western suburbs. My fellow classmates range from limber college kids executing bound poses to creaky geezers who can barely lift an arm for triangle. I land somewhere in the middle.

 Guys can do yoga and here are 5 reasons why they should:

1. Doctor cred. When you’re perched up on the exam table at your semi-annual visit to your cardiologist and he asks: “soooo, what do you do for exercise?” The 30 minutes on the stationary bike three times a week gets a: “hmm, yes” from him. The three-mile walk to and from the train five times a week gets a: “hmm, I see” from him. But the yoga twice a week makes him sit up a little straighter on his roller stool, raise one eyebrow, and give you a: “ooo, yoga. Very good.”

2. Your heart’s in it. According to Men’, besides increasing flexibility and helping you with balance, yoga improves digestion and brain function and boosts your immunity. The European Journal of Preventative Cardiology reports, “practicing yoga had the same effect on [cardiovascular disease] as other forms of exercise, like brisk walking or biking.”

3. You learn things. A woman came in a week or two ago to give us a sales pitch for a special yoga class she was starting to help “people” strengthen their “pelvic floor.” I kind of already knew that a pelvic floor wasn’t the level above mezzanine at the opera house. I also knew she was pitching the class to the women in the room and not to me. But now I know how to avoid “accidental leaks.”

4. How I Met Your Mother. I’ve struck up a few friendships in my yoga classes— just a hey, how are you kind of thing if I see them the next day at Trader Joe’s. But if I weren’t happily married with four great kids (and I am, honey, honestly!) I can see where a yoga class might be a good place to meet a mate. I met my wife in an improv class and I’m glad whenever anyone asks for the “how did you two get together” story I can say it was doing comedy skits and not Jell-O shots.

5. Keep calm and carry on. I don’t do any bound poses and I’m pretty shaky in the balance stuff, tree pose, one-legged anything. Most of all, I go to yoga because it calms me. The dark room, the rhythmic breathing, listening to the instructor’s voice while going through her routine…

I can come in angry, stewing over something from the day, clenching my jaw. Halfway through the class, I noticeably feel the moment where I let go. I feel “the click” when all the crap hanging over me, the stress melts and a weight lifts. Gone. By the time I’m lying on my back in savasana, final relaxation, I go to some Zen place— not sleeping, more like transcendental meditation. And less stress is good for women and men.

Does your man practice yoga? 

In early 2009, Walter was one flight of stairs away from a massive heart attack. Surgeons performed an emergency quadruple bypass instead. His recovery is moving along with the help of weekly yoga classes. Walter is a Chicago native, a writer and comedian: national TV (Brandmeier, Jenny Jones), weekly show on WLUP-AM, guest blogger, short story in Clackamas Literary Review. He’s got a wife, four kids, and a house in the suburbs. Open Heart, Walter’s weekly blog, can be enjoyed hereReadmore writing here. 

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