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Sun Salutations. A Breakdown of the most important yoga sequence


Sun Salutations: The Most Important Yoga Sequence

The practice of yoga has become one of the most popular forms of movement in the world. It’s estimated that over 20 million people practice yoga in the USA alone. Say what? Yes – that number is correct and probably outdated but it gives you an idea of how many people are down dogging, up dogging, and omming  #everydamnday. And like with any popular trend especially fitness related, variations exist. People like to dabble in different experiences, try a little bit of this, and possibly take a taste of that. This is also true of the yoga community! A neighborhood might have five yoga studios within a three mile radius BUT trust me, they’re not all the same. Regardless of the studio, one thing will remain constant – SUN SALUTATIONS!

The sun salutation sequence of any yoga practice can be thought of as the meat or protein in a sandwich. All of the other stuff – bread, veggies, condiments, how it’s prepared – are built off of whatever the meat is. Are you following me here? The creative sequencing, yummy yin postures, and balancing moves are all built around the sun salutation sequence. Yes, some classes might not include the sequence BUT all of these postures are usually practiced during a yoga class. The following photos are a breakdown of this oh so important sequence. Pay close attention to the cues and the alignment of my body THEN adjust yours! Listen to the body in each posture and find where adjustments can be made. The clearer the posture, the more space being created, the more room for growth and change

Click the link below to see a detailed pictoral sequence:


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Outstanding Yoga Inversions

Below Australian Rock Star Yogini Amy Landry demonstrates her Headstand with bound angle legs variation.


Here is one of our most popular pins from the Pinterest board “Partner Yoga


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