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Zahara Jade Justine Crystal Bullet Necklace

Zahara Jade Justine Crystal Bullet NecklaceZahara Jade Justine Crystal Bullet Necklace
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Brand: Zahara Jade
Product Code: DDB-2675
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P.R.A.Y Jewelry Justine Crystal Bullet Necklace



- Small rustic vintage Takrut bullet, inscribed inside with 

ancient Thai script. Measures ¾” x ¾”

The Takrut bullet, known outside of Thailand as "Tangkai", is surrounded by great legend due to its well-known abilities to protect, heal, and bring abundance to many great warriors and general public in Asia. The takrut is a scroll formed from an inscription of ancient text called Yantra, or Yant, onto a sheet of lead, silver, gold or other material (old bullet shells and other recycled, vintage materials, in the case of P.R.A.Y.). A monk in the healing caste then constructs the amulet scroll according to arcane sciences during deep meditation. This intricate process produces a protective amulet that may be worn to ward off danger, increase serenity, and create good will and abundance. 


The Yant and Takrut became better known in niche circles in recent years when a monk in SE Asia inked actress Angelina Jolie with a Sak Yant tattoo. The Sak Yant is the same as the Takrut Yant, except inscribed on the skin. Takrut amulets may be worn on specific body parts to protect or grant power to that particular part of the body. These protective qualities are instrumental for individuals working with their energetic fields, whether in the lines of yoga, bodywork, energy work, or other healing modalities. Modern urbanites subject to every day imbalances and dis-ease in Western society are prime to benefit from the healing properties in P.R.A.Y.’s Rapture Crystal Bullet Necklaces. Upcycled, vintage Takrut bullets are reconstructed into edgy, modern designs contrasted with energy-conducting crystals to boost the Takrut powers. 


Takrut Bullets -

- Inscribed with Thai writing or Yantras for protection

- Considered to bring protection, good luck & abundance to wearer

- Infused with energies & blessings from age-old monks


- Combined with natural crystals, the polarity of properties with the

Takrut offers a beautiful opening for manifestation of dreams.

Crystals -

Quartz crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, green calcite, 

amazonite, aquamarine, black tourmaline, green fluorite. 


- Come strung on chain which most suits the piece: brass, gold-

plated, or sterling plated. 20” chains.

p.r.a.y. Energy Infusion                                                                                  

PRAY pendants, bracelets and rings, infused unique 9 metal combination, draws energies from the ancient Kris Sword process which has been used for thousands of years in SE Asia for protection and transformation.

The swords are infused with this unique combination of metals to represent 9 Hindu Gods, 9 directions on the planet, and additionally powers from the maker.  Considered to have spirit, or energy which enable powerful manifestation, the reason PRAY founders chose to reformulate this ancient tool into modern P.R.A.Y. amulets, the Kris combination adds potent energies toPRAY’s formula.

During the creation and infusion process, all pieces are blessed by PRAY’s makers, whose energetic blessing powers stem from generations.


p.r.a.y. Metals 

P.R.A.Y. is made from the Kris Sword composition of 9 symbolic metals: Gold, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Pewter, Alpaca, Lead, Nickel.  All metals used in P.R.A.Y. are recycled. 


Please allow 21 days for your P.R.A.Y Jewelry to arrive as it will ship via postal service direct from Thailand.

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